End of Dotfiles series

This series will be discontinued. I stopped writing at all because I couldn’t motivate myself to write a next part of Dotfiles series and I felt that it should be finished before anything else. A year passed and exactly nothing happened with Dotfiles. I hope that existing 3 parts of will be useful for someone, but I won’t go into this topic any further. Not that there is a lot more to say.

Hopefully this way I’ll be able to force myself to write more.

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New Year's resolution

It’s a little late to make a New Year’s resolution, but I’ll make one nevertheless. From now I’m writing only in English - at least on this blog.

This move is not about the audience, thought I admit - it’d be nice to show some of my previous posts to non-Polish speakers (and as I’m getting more and more confident about my work, I’ll probably have something more to share in the future). It’s a known fact that programming world is dominated by English so I often had to translate some phrases to Polish, at least if I didn’t want my articles to turn into a weird mix of Polish and English words randomly thrown here and there (and I didn’t, but often it was unavoidable). It’s a burden because usually Polish lacks good equivalents for some particular words so I either had to skip these or come up with rough and unnatural neologisms. So I figured that using English all over the place will better fit the purpose of these posts.

The only problem is my recent “Dotfiles” series. I don’t want to leave it partially Polish and partially English and because I’m not particularly interested in running multilingual blog, I’ll probably start translating first three parts to English English in the first place.

Stay tuned!

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Migracja bloga

W związku z powolnym procesem rezygnowania z usług Gitlaba, kod źródłowy tego bloga został przeniesiony. Teraz jest dostępny na serwerze git.mgoral.org.

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Jekyll był jedynie pierwszym krokiem w pięknym świecie generatorów stron statycznych. Kilka dni temu rozpocząłem proces zamiany go na, moim zdaniem, lepszy model: Hugo.

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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll

Stare porzekadło mówi, że lepsze jest wrogiem dobrego. Mając je sobie za nic, poświęciwszy na to niecałe 2 dni, wracam do podstaw, czyli do statycznych stron WWW. Jako kilkuletni bachor tworzyłem takie strony ręcznie, mimo że na podłączenie internetu w domu musiałem czekać jeszcze kilka lat. Dziś na szczęście nie muszę kodu strony wpisywać z palca - zrobi to za mnie Jekyll.